Bronze Age Beginnings

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #106

Cover date: March 1972

Writer: Stan Lee

Artist: John Romita

Inker: Frank Giacoia

So, Spidey has been unmasked by Professor Smyth, or rather he’s seen Spidey without his mask on via one of the many spy-lens devices Smyth controls around New York. Spidey swings off to Doc Conner’s to borrow his lab, and whips up a ‘life-like’ Peter Parker mask to fool Smyth into believing Spider-Man was aware of the spy-lens, and was wearing a Peter Parker (or some nobody, as the gathering of top New York gang leaders rightly puts it) mask to confuse all that?

Peter then goes on a date with Gwen; they visit Flash (who seems out of sorts), and then go on to the flicks and a bite to eat.
After the date, Peter changes back into Spider-Man to make his way back to Flash’s pad, thinking that Flash may open up to him without Gwen around. Cue Smyth and his Spider Slayer.....

The super-heroics are decidedly ho-hum, but Stan seems much more involved when scripting Peter Parker’s personal life. Luckily, John Romita is perfectly suited to soap-opera, enough to sufficiently pique my interest in Harry’s unrequited love for Mary Jane and Flash’s problems....more so than Smyth and his bloody Spider Slayer.

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  1. Keep 'em coming, Terence -- I'm loving your little trip through Marvel chronology!



  2. Thanks Doug. I should be on a roll for a bit - my only sticking point recently was procuring a decently priced copy of Amazing Adventures #11, the FIRST FURRY BEAST! Also, moving into the second month of publication brings a sense of familiarity - though I still haven't developed much of a liking for certain characters (I'm looking at you Spidey!)

    Mart: I wish! Such strange punctuation in that title - two exclamation marks!!


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