Bronze Age Beginnings

Monday, 21 February 2011

Bronze Age Marvel covers: Spider-Man #141

Spidey against all his greatest (living) foes, and Morbius. I always wondered how Spider-Man had such a hard time against a pensioner wearing a pair of wings and a man wearing a fish bowl on his head. Why was Peter Parker such an under-achiever?

Bronze Age Marvel covers: The Avengers #141

Ah, a classic super-team stand-off! I remember being very confused by this storyline when I was finally allowed to buy The Avengers in the UK; I only knew of the Squadron Sinister from a few back issues I'd managed to purloin, and the addition of the rest of the Justice Leag..sorry...Squadron Supreme made things very interesting. George Perez' art was also a revelation.

Bronze Age Marvel covers: Spider-Man #122

Hmm..never really being a Spidey reader, this cover doesn't do much for me. However, I can certainly appreciate how it might hold a special place for Spidey fans: this was the issue in which Spidey broke his girlfriend's neck, right?

Bronze Age Marvel covers: Dr. Strange #1

A great choice, it's Frank Brunner after all, but like Thor I could never get into the good Doctor. I aim to change this very soon though; if it was written by Steve Englehart, then it must be at least readable.

Bronze Age Marvel covers: Thor #337

A very cool cover, and the first solo Thor comic I ever bought. I'm sorry to all the Thor fans out there, but the Son of Odin is deadly dull. Walt Simonson, however, made him readable. Marvel had a great run during the 80's allowing writer/artists to take over books and make magic. Frank Miller on Daredevil, John Byrne on Fantastic Four, and Walt on Thor. I never actually saw the run out though, for as good as Walt's work was, eh, it's Thor.

Double Feature Special

I've been away for a bit; life got in the way of comics for awhile, but I'm going to be back with a vengeance soon enough.

To warm up, I'm going to try a good old fashioned cross-over with the fabulous Bronze Age Babies at where I recently got to ask that age old question: What is your favourite Bronze Age Marvel cover?

Nominations so far are: Thor #337, Dr.Strange #1, Spider-Man #122, The Avengers #141, The Avengers #161, Marvel Treasury Edition #21, Giant-Size X-Men #1, Fantastic Four #112, Tomb of Dracula #1, Marvel Presents #3, Iron Man #80, Conan #17, Marvel Team-Up #38, The Avengers #200, Giant-Size Man-Thing #5, Marvel Premier #10, Captain Marvel #29, Warlock #11, The Avengers #116-117, The Defenders #9-10, Fantastic Four #137, Marvel Double Feature #1-2 ....

As might be expected the choices are wide and diverse so I thought it might be a good idea to post them here and add a little commentary of my own.

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