Bronze Age Beginnings

Monday, 21 February 2011

Bronze Age Marvel covers: Thor #337

A very cool cover, and the first solo Thor comic I ever bought. I'm sorry to all the Thor fans out there, but the Son of Odin is deadly dull. Walt Simonson, however, made him readable. Marvel had a great run during the 80's allowing writer/artists to take over books and make magic. Frank Miller on Daredevil, John Byrne on Fantastic Four, and Walt on Thor. I never actually saw the run out though, for as good as Walt's work was, eh, it's Thor.

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  1. Hello, Terence, welcome back to the world of blogging. Although I've never read this issue, I have always liked the cover.

    As for my own Marvel fave, there's so many to choose from but, off the top of my head, I've always had a liking for the cover to Morbius' first appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man - the one where he's knocking the six-armed Spidey down a flight of stairs.


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