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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Daredevil #85

Cover date: March 1972

Writer: Gerry Conway

Artist: Gene Colan

Inker: Syd Shores

Last issue Matt and Natasha were getting it on in Switzerland, this ish they’re jet-setting back from London – living the high-life in the glamorous 70s, eh Matt? Unfortunately The Gladiator (and gang) is on board for a spot of hijacking, necessitating Matt having to change into his Daredevil garb in the toilet. Not really the way to join the Mile High Club, ol’ hornhead!

I actually quite like this vibe – I can imagine Matt and Natasha hanging out at Studio 54 (a few years later) with the likes of Mick, Bianca, Liza and Jerry, indulging in a life of care-free hedonism.

Conway seems to be enjoying himself here, playing up the soap-opera between Matt, Natasha and Ivan – but what is going on with Ivan’s dialogue? I thought he was Russian? Does this sound like a Russian?

“Thanks for reminding me, sweetheart! Wouldn’t want to ruin baby-mouths complexion, would we?”

“Maybe you’d like to tell us what this stick-up’s all about, hey handsome?”

Conway also introduces a note of tension between his three principals, while cutting away to Karen Page accepting a proposal and heading for Los Angeles, and Foggy Nelson closing-up shop. He really was breaking up the old status-quo, and turning Daredevil into a sophisticated comic (despite the comic book trappings).

The Gene Colan and Syd Shores art is a pleasure – I especially enjoyed the opening splash-page with a symbolic Daredevil floating in the clouds above the 747; it set the mood wonderfully for a cracking good read


  1. Who did the cover? Gil Kane?

  2. Hi Archibald. Yes, according to the GCD the cover is by Gil Kane and Mike Esposito. Not bad, but not as powerful as the cover to #84.


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