Bronze Age Beginnings

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Tale of Two Marvels

Mighty World of Marvel 1972

Captain Marvel 2012

I knew there was something familiar about that logo for the new Captain Marvel comic; were Marvel trying to fool me into buying a new comic from them? One featuring my favourite Bronze Age Marvel heroine? Nice try Marvel, but no sale.


  1. Actually, MWOM ripped off the Captain Marvel logo back in the '70s. (I spotted the fact about 40 years ago.) The new CM logo is pretty much the same as the '70s one.

  2. Hi Kid, yeah I kinda knew that. It's just that the new CM logo had been bugging me - in fact, I used the MWOM logo from No.1, but the actual logo I was being reminded of was the cleaner version used much later,around the time it featured Captain Britain by Moore and Davis. Something about the colour combination.

  3. I think it may be the graduated tint, Terence.

    Now, maybe I'll send you Captain Marvel #1 ...

  4. I grew up reading bronze age titles, and I'm glad I found this blog. Looks great - gonna check out all those past posts.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Gary. Hope you had a good time rummaging around in my Bronze Age ramblings...


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