Bronze Age Beginnings

Friday, 3 August 2012

Mirror mirror...who is the fairest heroine of them all?

While The Winsome Wasp was Marvel’s go to heroine for fashion and frivolity, during the Bronze Age even Marvel’s most liberated ladies were never far from a full length mirror when trying on a stylish new outfit.

Presented here for your delectation, three heroines making their stunning debut in a trio of daring costumes. 

The Black Widow

Designed by John Romita Sr for Natasha Romanoff; appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #86 July 1970


Designed by John Byrne for Brunnhilde; appearing in The Defenders #40 October 1976

Ms Marvel

Designed by Dave Cockrum for Carol Danvers; appearing in Ms Marvel #20 October 1978


  1. That Valkyrie look really was pants. Thank goodness the cosmic eggcups came back.

  2. I was rather partial to the silver one that appeared not long after.

  3. That was better, but still ...

  4. I never knew you had a bra fetish...

  5. Yeah, that Valkyrie outfit was too sleek and trendy. TOTALLY missing the classic outfit.

  6. In the 34 years(!) since I first saw the gold Valkyrie costume, it has lost its appeal to the original. I never knew it was a Byrne design.

    Carol Danvers' Cockrum-costume is superior to that Miraclewoman knock-off she's drawn in at present.

  7. Ms. Marvel's costume by Cockrum is one of the best female costumes designed, right up there with Nick Cardy's Wonder Girl.

  8. I don't much care for this Valkyrie outfit. It makes her look too much like every other superhero. Her original costume was unique and also evocative of her name.


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